Who we are / How we operate



Support Art Workers is an initiative that emerged in April 2020, during the first lockdown in Greece, as a reaction to the fact that art workers remained surprisingly invisible for the state as it announced its support measures for the different sectors, without taking art workers into consideration at all.

The initiative has brought together 25,000 art workers from different disciplines within the fields of art and culture from across Greece, operating on a bottom-up basis. In this context, SAW aims to create a dialogue between the multitude of art workers that operate independently in every region of Greece, and to manage and facilitate their various demands, actions and mobilisations.


The short term goals of the initiative are to give visibility to the current needs of art workers in terms of state support in the context of the pandemic, and our long term goals are to provide a framework for the emergence of proposals that lead up to a serious and complete plan for a cultural policy in Greece, which at the moment is totally absent.

At the same time, we stand firmly in solidarity with, and remain present for, all the political challenges of our time.


Support Art Workers operates through the following interconnected subgroups:


The Action Team

The Open Assemblies Team

The Communication Team

The Writing and Publishing Team

The Solidarity Team

The Nexus Team


All teams are coordinated by the Organisation and Coordination Assembly of SAW.

Together we are working towards a healthy and sustainable future for workers in the arts.