1. Medical care


A. The LETO Obstetrics, Gynecology and Surgery Centre, sharing the difficulties that have hit the artistic field due to the COVID-19 pandemic, offers artists and workers in the field of culture to perform biochemical examinations, Pap smears and digital mammograms up to 31/12/20.



Biochemical tests

For the insured: Participation of the Insured - with a referral from an EOPYY-contracted doctor [EOPYY: National Organisation for Healthcare Provision]

For the uninsured: Government Gazette/ Presidential Decree price [Government Gazette: newspaper where governmental laws are published]


Digital Mammography

For insured persons: € 5.50 - with a referral from EOPYY

For the uninsured: 35 €


Papanicolaou test

For insured: Free - with referral EOPYY

For the uninsured: 8 €


Gynecological / Obstetric visit

For insured & uninsured: Free, by appointment


(ATTENTION: For biochemical examinations, digital mammography and Pap test, the insured interested parties must have obtained a referral EOPYY before their appointment at LETO.)

Furthermore, in order to ensure an excellent process, those interested should send an email to, the desire to receive some of the offers of LETO on the subject:

"LETO - biochemical tests"

"LETO - Digital Mammography"

"LETO - Pap test"

"LETO - gynecological or obstetric visit"

as well as name, contact details, profession, AMKA- National Security Number.

Then the interested parties will be informed by email about the procedure they will have to follow in order for the offer prices to be valid.


B. The Polyclinics of the Doctors of the World will receive cases from Support Art Workers. Anyone who needs the provision of primary health care as well as social and psychological support can call to declare their status as an artist or entertainment staff or anything related to Art Workers and will receive the corresponding care.

Indicatively, we mention medical branches that will be covered:




-Psychological support

-Physical therapy

-Vaccines for children


-Reference for laboratory tests


Volunteer doctors of all specialties (physicians, pediatricians, surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedists, radiologists, pulmonologists, ENT, psychiatrists, neurologists) provide primary medical care. In addition, there is the possibility for patients to perform free laboratory tests, through referrals to collaborating bodies. After the patients are monitored by the doctors of the Polyclinic, they are given the necessary medicines.



It is addressed to the elderly as well as to people with mobility problems or chronic diseases that have no way of being served. Assistance is provided either remotely or through a home visit where material and psychological support is offered.




Sappho 12

Τ.Κ. 105 53

T: (+30) 210 32 13 150

Τ:(+30) 210 32 36 222

F: (+30) 210 32 13 850



Ptolemaion 29A (inside the arcade),

Τ.Κ. 546 30,

Τ/F: (+30) 2310.56.66.41

T/F: (+30) 2315.31.42.06


C. Social Pharmacies

Those who need medicines or wish to donate medicines can look for guidelines on the site or on the Givmed application, specifically:

a. To search for social pharmacies in your area, in a list or map:

b. For donating drugs:




  1. Accounting consulting support

Because we are already facing difficult working conditions and many concerns, questions, and needs requiring clarification, the Support Art Workers Solidarity team is in contact with accountants who can advise the individual artist on individual issues that may be related to the accounting framework. The collaborating professionals of the Solidarity team will offer free consulting that will concern: analysis of the issue, information in relation to the existence or not of the need for accounting action, referral to a competent body, etc.

Send your questions via email to: with the subject Accounting Issue (if it concerns an issue of accounting - tax framework).


  1. Psychological support


A. Individual psychotherapy sessions

Mental health professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists, who love Art and, in the difficult phase of our sector due to the pandemic, wish to reciprocate some of the joy and emotion they have received from the sector over the years, volunteer from one to two 45-minute online sessions per week (either psychiatric for medication or psychological support), for a total of ten sessions, for anyone interested in psychiatric or psychotherapeutic support.



- Registration via email: με θέμα:

With the subject: “Individual sessions”

- Cost: Free

- First come first served


B. Group meditation from the Choros center

Modern meditation, part of the Therapeutic approach of Time Therapy in an online group with Anatoli Karamanidou and George Pavlidis.



- Every Wednesday 9:15




Taiji-reeling silk


- Registration via email: με θέμα:

With the subject: “Meditation”

- Cost: Free

- First come first served

- Meditators:



C. Networks, structures, governmental or non-governmental groups and individuals offering voluntary work or free support as a project or as volunteers (the following list will be kept up to date):


a. Coexistence, network of Free Psychological Support and Culture:

Solidarity support network, for the free offer of psychological support, empowerment and information services to those who are deprived of this opportunity due to their economic and social status.






The cycle of meetings will initially include 5 support-counseling sessions and will be given the opportunity to renew, at the request of the beneficiary and co-evaluation by the therapist, for another 5 meetings.




c. Xenios Zeus:


The Day Centre provides open-type psychosocial support and rehabilitation services. Its purpose is to prevent the occurrence of mental disorders and relapses, to avoid admissions and readmissions to psychiatric hospitals, the psychosocial reintegration and functional autonomy of people with mental disorders, family support, community support related to the mental health of the population, as well as actions to destigmatise mental illness. At the same time, the Day Centre is a place of clinical practice for young mental health workers and training of mental health professionals and volunteers.



- Services are provided free of charge. Those interested can apply for an appointment at 210-9022010, from 8:00 to 20:00.




Considering the problems of everyone that are constantly growing, we try to create new structures of solidarity. This is why we are open and seek communication with unions, independent bodies and individuals (artists or not). In the coming days, our new actions will be announced.



Until then, please contact via email: ,

with the subject: #offer, to make an initial confidential recording of needs with discretion, in items and support, that you have at this stage.

We also need: 

Your suggestions for individuals and organisations that could help, with the subject: #ask

Your suggestions or availability for active action to strengthen our Solidarity web, with the subject: #WeAreTogether or #WeStandTogether

"No one would be able to lift a rock alone." Aristotle

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